It is important for our business to address social and environmental issues while producing amazing products and improving the livelihoods of others. Fair trade provides a transparent model of doing business that guarantees ethical and sustainable agricultural practices, creating shared value for all.

We constantly act on feedback from stakeholders and look for ways to make improvements. It is our philosophy to be an engine for change. In an effort to fulfill our commitments, we utilize progressive fair trade certifications and third party verification. In fact, we are the first company in the world to offer Fair for Life cinnamon.

In addition to Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade certification, we have our own internal standard NFC, that supports internationally recognized fair trade criteria.

Our goal is to expand our offering of quality fair trade products and enhance the lives of our growers, customers and employees.


Social Development

It is crucial to first ask the needs of the communities we operate in. We often support social development through providing our suppliers with health and educational resources. Our seedling program enables the continued use of natural and organic products

Relationships & Community

Creating long term commitments and building relationships of trust are very important to us. We are in a unique position because of our proximity to origin and have a quick and clear line of communication with our suppliers.

Fair Compensation

Fair compensation is crucial in addressing poverty alleviation, protecting marginalized individuals, and in keeping traditional industries alive. For example, it is a major investment for a family to rely on cinnamon as their primary source of income as trees take up to 20 years to mature.


We have zero tolerance for habitat destruction. Chemicals are avoided and replanting and harvesting responsibly to conserve biodiversity is encouraged. We provide education about native species and types of endangered animals to look out for.

Human Rights

Human rights must always be respected. We strive to combat social injustices like gender discrimination, child labor, or forced and involuntary work. We provide safe labor conditions, free of physical and verbal abuse.


We use internal standards as well as third party verification to guarantee the application of the principles we hold dear. Rigorous yearly audits keep our certificates up to date.


With value systems aligned to ours, Fair for Life- Social & Fair Trade was an easy choice for our natural and organic spice operation. Monitored by the IMO in partnership with ECO Cert, FFL builds upon frameworks established by the globally recognized International Labour Organization (ILO).

The standard has two components. The social aspect, For Life, specifically concerns social responsibility and decent working conditions. TRIPPER has selected both social and fair trade components to accredit their business regarding the production of cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla.

Fair for Life is unique because it ensures the entire supply chain has adhered to its standards- from sourcing raw materials, to production and export. Companies are able to develop programs for scenarios in which no standard of regulation existed before. The net of opportunity is widened by these tactics and marginalized groups have greater access to the fair trade market

TRIPPERs proximity to processing facilities and origin of raw materials, gives them the ability to practice in direct alignment with FFL benchmarks. TRIPPER has undiluted knowledge of market intelligence and can make adjustments rapidly.

By choosing TRIPPER and the Fair for Life standard, companies commit to products that consistently perform better in their various applications, lead to more vibrant communities, and the preservation of our environment.