YAYASAN TEA (Tripper Environment Awareness) is TRIPPER’s foundation dedicated to improving corporate social responsibility. Managing and improving the social and environmental impacts of the company’s business is a top priority for us.

Also, through the Yayasan TEA, we will help to develop strategies and projects together with our suppliers that contribute to a sustainable development of their communities. The certifications that we choose, such as Fair For Life Fair Trade program, or Organic, are the main ways to create these development opportunities.

With our Yayasan, we commit to act respectfully with our customers and all the partners in our supply chains to contribute to making Indonesia a better place !

Feel free to contact us for more information on our project and how to contribute.

After one year of joint efforts with Sumatran cinnamon farmers, we were rewarded with the Fair For Life certification in April!
We are continuously improving our relationships with our suppliers and collectors in Sumatra to fulfill their community’s will as well as Tripper’s goals.

Next step is to gather the Fair Trade committee representatives (workers, harvesters, collectors and tripper representatives) and think up ideas to select together the most adequate projects to develop (free distribution of seedlings, English classes, First aid training, setting up eco libraries, …)


As we did with our cinnamon supplier, Mister Haji Tjap, we are working, step by step, towards a Social Responsible certification of the vanilla and cloves producers in Tombato, North Sulawesi. Following the same model used with our Sumatran cinnamon farmers we are working on social aspects, wages, working conditions... and also environmental topics!

The response of the community has been positive with projects to follow.

Amandine Dubourg - Sustainable Agriculture Developer

Turmeric: What's in this Superfood?

Turmeric is more than just a spice! It may be the key to your health. Well-known for its peppery, warm, pungent and mild fragrance; turmeric has been widely used as a food ingredient and natural colorant. However its steady increase in demand during these past few years can be attributed to a much more valuable benefit. Curcumin, the primary pharmacological agent in turmeric is capable of exerting powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants which boost immunity, and brain derived neurotropic factors.

The bright yellow spices can be consumed or applied topically as a healing remedy for an extensive variety of conditions, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer disease, hemorrhages, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, colic, bruises, and wounds.

Tripper is pleased to deliver LORI50O, the best-selling ground product of our organic turmeric line. A dash of LORI50O in your daily meals such as in salads, milk, scrambled eggs, soup, rice, vegetables, tea, or cakes will not only add flavor but might be the key to your health too!

Clara Olivia - Product Development Manager


Bumpy road ahead for new President Jokowi

The Indonesian economy grew 5 % in 2014. In any western country this figure would be amazing but for Indonesia this was the slowest growth in 5 years.

With a new president full of ambition and vision everyone had high hopes for 2015 but so far the results have been disappointing to say the least:
Exports of commodities such as coal and palm oil have sharply declined; Domestic consumption normally booming is down. Indonesians bought less cars, motorcycles and food than in previous years.

With both exports and domestic consumption down, the only thing that might save the day is for all the planned government infrastructure projects to come into effect. Red tape combined with political bickering is slowing the progress.

The numbers speak for themselves: in 2015 the government had planned to spend US$ 22 billion on infrastructure and as of May 1st they had spent … less than US$ 1 billion. Clearly the road to economic recovery will not be easy but Indonesia has seen much worse during the 1997 Asian crisis. This young democracy is full of potential and has all the resources to overcome this recent slowdown.

Olivier Bernard - New Business Development

Recipe: Cinnamon Pastry Cream

- 12 Egg Yolk
- 200gr Castor sugar
- 1000gr Milk
- 40gr Corn flour
- 60gr Refined flour
- 25gr Unsalted butter
- 02gr Organic Cinnamon Extract DRAG4XO
- 1 Vanilla pod
- 1 tbsp Ground Cinnamon DRAG60

1. Mix the egg yolks & sugar together in a bowl.
2. Heat the milk with the vanilla pod in a pan.
3. Once the milk is boiling, slowly incorporate it into the egg yolks + sugar mix.
4. Continue to cook it in low heat.
5. Add in the flour, corn flour and cinnamon extract.
6. Once the mix gets thickened, put the mix into the whisking bowl and slowly incorporate the butter.
7. Let it cool well before use.
8. Sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top of the cream


Suraj Karmakar
Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Resort. Jimbaran Bay, Bali-Indonesia


Several photos from our latest show: NPEW & SCIFTS 2015, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA USA

Several photos from our latest show: Summer Fancy Food Show 2015, Javits Centre, New York - USA

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